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    RestTech is a global restaurant technology and strategy consultant to restaurant brands, innovators and investors. We provide our clients with strategic IT and business automation business planning and advisory services. We are passionate advocates, entrepreneurs, consultants and practitioners, with decades of relevant experience. Uniquely, we speak the language of restaurants and technology.



    Michael L. Atkinson is CEO at Bailiwick Ventures, an investment holding company with investments in leading-edge RestTech software companies including FohBoh Media, Orderscape, and StarBar.ai, among others. Michael has more than three decades of experience as an operator, restaurateur, technology entrepreneur, brand CFO, investment banker and financier. Michael works with industry clients on food and restaurant technology matters internationally.


    Learn more about Michael here: About | LinkedIn | Media | Media | Feature


    Restaurant Industry Network. We have been advising restaurant brands and technology companies since 2007, when restaurant technology was a POS and a Fax machine. Things have certainly changed. Our network of experts are knowledgeable and together, we solve problems for brands and help foster innovation. We have access to tens of thousands of innovators, investors, operators, influencers and thought-leaders worldwide, via our online communities and web properties owned by Bailiwick Ventures.


    The Food+Restaurant + Tech landscape is big, evolving and now, a critical investment for any restaurant brand. We viewed 2017 as the beginning of the "Second Wave" of technology innovation for the restaurant industry. This means the bar has been raised for innovators while becoming confusing and challenging for brands and investors alike. So, appraising and evaluating solutions and choosing what's best for your company is more important than ever. We help find the signal in the noise while working alongside key members of your IT team.


    In 2018, we see rapid changes and accelerated investment by brands, in technologies like voice and bot ordering, kiosks and delivery strategies. Interestingly, "IT" isn't where we spend most of our consulting time these days. Rather, it's operations and marketing teams that are keenly interested in learning about how to choose where to invest and which vendors are critical.


    The restaurant business is our domain. We have also been owners, operators, chain executives, marketers, technologists, developers and financiers with decades of experience. We help your experts and department heads with perspective and bring resources to leverage best-in-breed technology and make it work for you.


    The restaurant business is large and fragmented, with over 1 million restaurants just in the U.S. Knowing who to call, where to connect and what to ask saves you time and money. We have access to key relationships that can help drive new business and streamline investment in technology.

  • Professional Services Structure

    Special Assignments, Projects and Retained Services

    Special Products

    Depending on the scope and requirements, we provide consulting services over an extended period. We lead or provide support on assignments and projects that requires active engagement for extended periods. These assignment range from conducting due diligence on a prospective investment or assisting in defining product requirements for a new software product, to guiding entrepreneurial teams from idea to MVP and then securing their first customer. These engagements can range from weeks to months, with a minimum monthly retainer of $7,500 to $15,000.

    Retained Services

    We advice startups on market, product, pricing, strategy and business planning. We can assist in a wide array of services from preparing business plans and models, presentation and pitch decks, to making key investor and industry introductions. These engagements usually extend from weeks to months, with a monthly retained fee based on $350.00 per billable hour, or $2,500 per day.