• TechStack Refresh Program

    We evaluate, design, update, build and implement restaurant IT systems


    RestTech is a global restaurant technology and strategy consultant to restaurant brands, innovators and investors. We provide our clients with strategic IT and business automation business planning and advisory services, including back-office system implementation services. We are passionate advocates, entrepreneurs, consultants and practitioners, with decades of relevant operations and RestTech investment and operations experience. Uniquely, we speak the language of restaurants and technology.


    We founded FohBoh.com in 2007 and helped pioneer social media marketing and guest feedback analytics when it was new. We own one of the largest communities on LinkedIn, have a large following on Twitter and founded the leading Slack community dedicated to restaurant technology professionals.


    We are investors and RestTech entrepreneurs via Bailiwick Ventures, a restaurant technology investment, management and development company. These investments target restaurant automation and AI to bring efficiency and increased productivity to restaurants on a global scale.


    We are industry influencers, writers, speakers and practitioners richly networked in an industry we are fully engaged. We invent and invest in next generation tools and technologies that will power a modern restaurant industry.


    The Food+Restaurant + Tech landscape is big, evolving and now, a critical investment for any restaurant brand. We view 2020 as the beginning of the "Third Wave" of technology innovation for the restaurant industry. This means the bar has been raised for innovators while becoming confusing and challenging for brands and investors alike. So, appraising and evaluating solutions and choosing what's best for your company is more important than ever. We help find the signal in the noise while working alongside key members of your IT team.


    In 2020, we've seen rapid changes and accelerated investment by brands, in technologies like voice and bot ordering, QR Menus, digital ordering, Ghost Restaurant models , kiosks and delivery strategies. Interestingly, "IT" isn't where we spend most of our consulting time these days. Rather, it's operations and marketing teams that are keenly interested in learning about how to choose where to invest and which vendors are critical.


    The restaurant business is our domain. We have also been owners, operators, chain executives, marketers, technologists, developers and financiers with decades of domain experience. We help your experts and department heads with perspective and bring resources to leverage best-in-breed technology and make it work for you.


    The restaurant business is large and fragmented, so knowing who to call, where to connect and what to ask saves you time and money. We have access to key relationships that can help drive new business and streamline investment in technology.


    Restaurant Industry Network. We have been advising restaurant brands and technology companies since 2007, when restaurant technology was a POS and a Fax machine. Things have certainly changed. Our network of experts are knowledgeable and together, we solve problems for brands and help foster innovation. We have access to tens of thousands of innovators, investors, operators, influencers and thought-leaders worldwide, via our online communities and web properties owned by Bailiwick Ventures.

    Tech-Stack Refresh Program

    Our process is executed in three phases over approximately 9-12 months depending on the complexity of the requirements, scope and size of the restaurant chain and how quickly management moves. We always begin with a quick assessment, before diving into a deeper understanding of your brand and system requirements in Phase 1, Discovery.


    During this audit phase, we interview various department heads and other stakeholders to learn about the current systems of record and various point solutions that support these systems. We identify pain-points and challenges that come with the current systems that surface inconsistencies and gaps. We evaluate data security, integrations, and all current vendor agreements and relationships. The deliverable is a repot on what we find, and what we recommend to change and why. We complete a sensitivity analysis, pro forma tech stack design and projected spend, even at this early pre-design stage.


    The Discovery Phase can generally be completed in about 30-45 days depending on the general availability of those needing to be interviewed, scheduling around vacation, etc. While we can visit the corporate offices and restaurants, we have learned during COVID-19 that Zoom works very well with time and cost savings.



    During this Phase, we start with the core and work out in a hub and spoke configuration. The five systems of record (1) Financial (2) Customer (3) Operations (4) Workforce and (5) IT, are to be defined. We view the core as the data management solution, and then source, evaluate and curate the required "nodes" on the newly designed "HUB".


    Once we have gained managements approval on the Tech Stack architecture, knowing this is a collaborate and flexible process, we begin filling in the blanks with a qualified short list of RestTech solutions providers. We have a general design thesis to ensure our clients maintain total control over their systems without loss of data. When curating solution providers, we try to keep the number of third-parties to as few as possible, knowing there will always be some overlap in capability.


    We also manage the RFP process to meet the budget guidelines, provide transparent access to our project plan and updates in real time, so everyone involved in the project can be updated dynamically. As we finalize the solution providers and begin the weeks-long demo period, the RestTech Tech-Stack design and budget will be more apparent and fine-tuned in anticipation of implementing the new Tech-Stack in Phase III.


    The Design and Build Phase can generally be completed in about 90-150 days depending on the complexity of the new design, the number of new provider conversations and demos required during the RFP process.



    Once management has approved the final Tech-Stack and selected the solution providers, our program management team will begin executing the final phase of the engagement. During this phase our implementation team works hand-in-hand with all the solution providers, including those that remained part of the new stack. We manage the vendor relationships, ensure that middleware providers, if required, are engaged with the solution providers and API integrations are being implemented on time.


    Our team regularly meets with key operatives on the client-side, schedules weekly status calls provides stakeholders real-time project plan updates accessing our cloud-based project management platform. We test, and re-test and continue managing the relationships ensure a smooth transition.


    The Implementation Phase can generally be completed in about 120-180 days depending on the complexity of the new design, the number of new solution providers and the transition between legacy and new systems.


  • Professional Services Structure

    Special Assignments, Projects and Retained Services

    Special Products

    Depending on the scope and requirements, we provide consulting services over an extended period. We lead or provide support on assignments and projects that requires active engagement on site and remotely for extended periods. These assignment range from conducting due diligence on a prospective investment or assisting in defining product requirements for a new software product, or guiding entrepreneurial teams from idea to MVP and then securing their first customer.

    Retained Services

    We advise startups on market, product, pricing, strategy and business planning. We can assist in a wide array of services from preparing business plans and models, presentation and pitch decks, to making key investor and industry introductions. These engagements often range from weeks to months for RestTech system implementations.