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    PROBLEM - Too many choices

    Wasting time and losing leverage

    How many times a week are you contacted by a technology vendor?

    How many meetings and demonstrations are you scheduled for each week?

    How long is each meeting?

    Is the technology being reviewed even part of your strategy?

    Who else in your organization commits time? Are they qualified to evaluate?


    Is it strategic? Is it on the roadmap? Is there budget for it?

    Restaurants must invest in technology today to remain competitive.

    The question is, is your team being efficient with their time?

    SOLUTION - Not enough Time

    Saving time and gaining leverage

    When an advertiser contacts your company, where is the call forwarded? Yep, to your marketing team. Then, they send it on to your marketing or advertising agency.


    This is how marketers save time gain leverage and focus on executing the marketing plan not evaluating ideas that may not be relevant today.


    That's what agencies do. If it's important and valuable and is part of the marketing strategy and in budget, the agency will contact the head of marketing and discuss.




    Benefiting from our informed experience

    We bring over 20 years of restaurant operations, finance, development, marketing and technology experience to each assignment.


    We are technology innovators, industry connectors, strategic advisors and entrepreneurs. We are restaurant consultants and passionate about how technology is transforming our industry.


    As your Chief Technology Innovation Officer, we support and add value to your teams and solve problems, keeping you informed and ahead of your customers.


    We are the most connected and informed resource in RestTech today, operating in the US, Canada, Israel, Mexico and the UK.

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    Foodservice and Hospitalty


    We generally advise senior-level professionals in Marketing, Operations, Finance and Information Technology. CIO's responsible for digital commerce strategy and platforms, budgets and vendor management rely on us to provide an informed, outside perspective and guidance to restaurant technology matters.


    We work with brands in the UK and the USA, on special assignments, vendor management, strategy and on a retained basis, to provide services in person or on demand.

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