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    The restaurant industry is in a transition and we are helping to prepare it for these changes via RestTech.co, our global restaurant technology strategic advisory firm. We've migrated from no stack to tech stack, to an integrated tech stack to an integrated platform. What's is next? An integrated AI brain, or restaurant operating system as the new optimized central hub for all API-based utilities and data. We're advising brands, investors, IT groups and innovators using our unique combination of restaurant operations, finance, technology and API integration expertise.

    Strategic Industry Advisor

    We share what the industry is thinking

    We have insight, intuition, access and intelligence on what really matters to an industry with over 1 million locations, and a burning desire to be relevant and competitive.


    Just having a product or solution that you believe may be a perfect fit for operators may not be enough in today's hyper competitive technology marketplace. Restaurant operators are bombarded daily with the latest and greatest for FOH and BOH use cases, so so what. There is more to getting the attention you must have and gaining access to the right people than you may think. We can help here.

    Product Market Fit Assessment

    Vetted solutions and Tech-stack refresh

    Possessing a finished product that the restaurant market must have is rare. Unless your product or solution addresses (1) demand generation (2) Cost containment and reduction; and (3) Customer engagement than you are not going to get very far. Moreover, your investors will penalize you if you don't scale quickly in a market that historically moves slowly.


    Are you ready to invest in what it will really take to win more business? We can help here.

    Key Introductions and Exposure

    Super Networked

    If you have the right strategy and your product is market-ready with the minimum number of proof points, then we can talk about opening some doors for you. We have 40 years of relationships with brands and operators, influencers and market-makers.


    We have access to tens of thousands of subscribers, connections and followers via our multiple web properties and via personal relationships that can open doors, saving you time and money. This unique restaurant industry connection and content marketing opportunity can be leveraged. We can help here.

    Technology System Implementation

    Project Management

    Yes, adding RestTech point solutions without a strategy is expensive and can be a waste of time and money if not approached intelligently and strategically. And, after making the decision to purchase a technology solution or a back office platform, who will interface with the solutions provider on your behalf? Who represents your interests and can manage the migration of historical data and ensure all systems go? We can help here.


    RestTech works with the leading back-office and budget platforms to ensure successful implementations.

    Digital Transformation

    Strategy, System Architecture and Project Management

    Technology has become the center of the plate for chains and independents alike, necessitating new thinking and increasing investment in technology. The foodservice industry is now 63% off-premise so how does that affect your business model, operations, current IT systems and consumer-facing brand?


    We can transform your current IT infrastructure to be powerful and efficient.


  • Clients and Engagement

    Foodservice and Hospitalty - U.S and UK

    Technology is transforming the restaurant industry and the pace is accelerating.


    Restaurant Software - For RestTech companies, we help with go-to-market strategies, product, domain knowledge, networking and business development.


    Restaurant Brands - For brands, we help restaurant leadership keep up, solve problems and benefit from integrated solutions. As your RestTech strategy consultant, we help you plan ahead, save you time and money.


    Investors - For private and institutional investors, we advise on trends and opportunities, make introductions and assist with due diligence.


    We work on an hourly, day rate or retained basis, to provide professional services in person or on demand for short term and extended time frames.

    Work - Technology Client

    Problem: Accelerate access to the U.S. market. An established UK-based restaurant technology company needed to secure key clients quickly to establish credibility and substantiate a return on their investment.


    Solution: After sustained product and strategy meetings and consulting sessions, we agreed to make key senior-level introductions that resulted in on-site presentations with a brand clients. We attended these meetings and provided feedback to the restaurant technology company, and shared our perspective with the brand. We also provided a unique perspective on the U.S. market and brand sensitivities.


    Result: The restaurant technology client secured two new brand clients, worth over $1.2 million in annual revenue and leveraged these two "logos" to accelerate conversations with other brands in the U.S. marketplace.

    Work - Brand Client

    Problem: Tech stack needed a refresh. A recently acquired and established restaurant brand with over 100 locations, had out-dated solutions for a modern era. They needed a strategy not just new technology software products.


    Solution: After sustained strategy meetings and consulting sessions, we worked with internal teams in marketing, finance, operations and technology to develop a plan to refresh their entire technology stack over two years. This included a deep dive into who the customer is today and will be tomorrow and what mattered most to the brand.


    Result: The restaurant chain client and RestTech agreed that the start place for their tech-stack refresh strategy was the central navigation brain for all data and analytics that touched every location and affected every manager daily. We vetted and recommended several solutions that would meet this need, engaging with both the restaurant technology vendor and the brand clients to a successful outcome and implementation.

    Work - Investor Client

    Problem: Limited Domain Expertise. Many investors avoid the restaurant sector because they have limited domain expertise in this the sector, or have heard of the challenges and extended sales cycles. They were considering an investment in a restaurant technology company and needed advice for their investment committee.


    Solution: We prepared and presented a broad and current view of the restaurant industry, its method for investing in technology, how the sales strategies work best, and who to target. We also engaged with the investment candidate to conduct diligence on their prospective investment, product, team and technology, and define a strategy.


    Result: They invested in the startup and recommenced to their new portfolio client that they retain RestTech as a strategic advisor.

    Work - System Implementation Client

    Problem: No System Implementation Expertise. Operators are investing millions in new, next generation, back office solutions like Fourth.com, Restaurant365.com among other market leaders. But, the IT and accounting staff are busy with their day jobs and, have little or no experience implementing complex systems. These implementations require a project management mindset, with skills and experience in finance, accounting, data migration, API integrations, and restaurant technologies, among other expertise. These system vendors need to have a trained (certified if that is available) professional on the client side to interface with to ensure a smooth, efficient implementation


    Solution: These system vendors need a systems-trained (certified if that is available) professional on the client-side to interface with to ensure a smooth, efficient implementation process. This consultant will represent the best interests of the client (restaurant brand) but as the liaison with the vendor while on-site and remotely, also training the accounting and IT staff on best practices.


    Result: Restaurant operators are investing millions of dollars to acquire, migrate and benefit from next generation back office solutions. How the system is implemented is mission critical, including speed in a managed implementation process.

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